Mailmunch Video Tutorial

Mailmunch Video Tutorial

Mailmunch tutorial for beginners

Learn to collect Leads on your Website using MailMunch

Hi . This is a tutorial about Mailmunch. Do not confuse MailMUNCH with MailCHIMP. These are two different platforms.


You could also watch this MailMUNCH Tutorial on Udemy or SkillShare. The Mailmunch tutorial links are here.


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MailMUNCH Features

Mail munch is ultimately focused on subscribers. So most of the features are about opt-in forms and the subscriber data and analytics. MailMunch has all the different kinds of Forms that you can use for collecting subscribers.


  • Opt-In Forms:
  1. Popup : This is a form that pops up when you visit a web page or when you click a button/link.
  2. Embedded : This is a form that you can embed anywhere on any HTML powered web page. If you scroll down, you will see one below.
  3. Top Bar : This is an horizontal form that you can have at the top of your page to encourage people to subscribe. It can also be at the bottom of the page, The same thing as a hello bar.
  4. Slide Box: This is a form that shows up as a user scrolls down the page.


  • Form Technology/behavior :
  1. Analytics and Split Testing : This is not available in the FREE plan
  2. Entry and Exit intent Technology : Same old exit intent thing, when someone is about to leave, show the form. When someone loads a page show a form after some rule you have set.



  • Lists : Create new lists . Check your list of subscribers. Export them, edit them, delete them. Do whatever you want with them.


  • AutoResponders : This is a beta feature that lets you auto-send messages to every new subscriber. It’s currently in beta mode.



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